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The buzz began in college, when I (Katie) was the office manager of a pest control company, and hired my boyfriend at the time (Daniel) as a technician.

Yep, I was his supervisor! *still am… hehe 😉

We graduated college, got married and both became high school teachers. 

Life has a funny way of coming full circle though, and we were eventually led back to mosquito-slaying. Living in the bayou city, we know first-hand how incredibly annoying and dangerous they are, and we love helping our Houston neighbors take them down.

When we’re not chasing mosquitoes, you can find us taking FUN very seriously. Whether 60 feet deep scuba diving or riding roller coasters until we’re dizzy, we love an adventure, traveling, and spending time with our friends and family.

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It’s quite simple – we provide effective & affordable mosquito control solutions so you can actually enjoy your outdoor living space. 

No gimmicks. No mosquitoes. 


Again – it’s quite simple. We can help you have NO MORE MOSQUITOES. 

It’s also a fun play on our last name when you flip it around!
Like we said – we’re always looking for a little fun!



We are mosquito
control experts.

With our years of industry experience, coupled with our continuing education initiatives, and efficient systems, we confidently provide the most effective mosquito control solutions available. 


We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing with excellence.

We intentionally build and implement systems that ensure we are providing a consistently excellent experience to our customers – from the first contact, to our solutions, to billing and communication.


Once a teacher,
always a teacher.

Our quote process includes educational information about your specific environment’s mosquito population, how to prevent breeding, and how our solutions will work for you.

it's time to take
your yard back

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no obligation. no mosquitoes.

We’ll come take a look, evaluate your mosquito situation, and discuss which solution would be most effective. During our visit, ask us anything!