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Mosquito Misting Systems

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What is a mosquito misting system?

  • effective

    You can quite literally set it and forget it! Aside from refilling the chemical and regular maintenance (which we can take care of for you with our Service Plan), the system does all the work and all you have to do is enjoy your yard.

  • customizable

    We fine tune the system by evaluating your specific environment and thoughtfully designing a nozzle circuit for effective mosquito control.

  • permanent

    Unlike candles, tiki torches, sprays and fog treatments, misting systems are installed in your yard and work continually to protect your yard.

  • discrete

    With our strategic nozzle placement, your guests won't even notice the system. But they will notice the lack of mosquitoes!

  • protection

    Mosquitoes aren't just annoying, they're dangerous vectors of disease. Responsible for over one million deaths per year, mosquitoes are actually the most deadly animal in the world.

  • warranty

    New misting system installations come with a 1-year warranty on the unit (pump, motor, electronics). Our service plan warranty covers all system components (nozzle circuit included) while enrolled.

how does it work?

machine unit

A 55-gallon barrel holds a mixture of water and insecticide, with the programmable machine on the lid of the unit.

nozzle circuit

A series of misting nozzles are installed along the perimeter of your yard, typically on the eaves of the house, and along the fence.


The system is set to mist for 30-45 seconds, two or three times each day, ideally when mosquitoes are most active (dawn & dusk.)

I recently built a pergola and bought a new grill with the intention of spending more time in my backyard. But, these huge Texas mosquitoes made it IMPOSSIBLE. I called a bunch of companies but was super impressed by No More Mosquito. They SAVED the day!! Now that we have a misting system, I can never live without one. It helps tremendously with mosquitoes, but we've also noticed we have less spiders and flies. Call them right now and Daniel will help you.

Mila C.


what does it cost?


Every yard has unique factors that contribute to the overall mosquito control approach.

Contact us for a free quote that includes:

  • a detailed evaluation of your yard
  • education about the risk factors present 
  • mosquito control options
  • additional mitigation suggestions

We’d love to answer any questions you have while we’re there, too!

Frequently asked questions

Your misting system sprays a pyrethroid chemical solution. 

For more information about the chemical, click here.

The chemical affects the mosquitoes’ nervous system, first inhibiting them from biting, and then leading to immobilization, paralysis, and death.

While no pesticide should be regarded as 100% risk free, pyrethroid chemical is derived from the chrysanthemum flower and considered to be very low in toxicity to plants, pets, and people.

Per the CDC, “pyrethroids can be used for public health mosquito control programs without posing unreasonable risks to human health when applied according to the label.”

Pyrethroids are commonly used to treat many types of insects. However, due to the misting dilution rate and targeted spray times, it is primarily effective to the mosquito population.

Contact us to discuss targeting other insects (such as spiders) or avoiding harm to other insects (such as bees).

The mist will not harm plants, since the chemical dosage is too low for them to be affected.

Installation time will depend on how many nozzles your system has. Most installs typically take 4-6 hours. You do not need to be home – we just need access to your yard.

How often your system needs to be refilled will depend on how many nozzles you have. It is important to perform regular maintenance on the system to ensure there are no clogged nozzles, leaks in the tubing, and the motor and pump are in good condition. 

We take care of all of that for you with our Service Plan. With simple recurring billing and automated service visit scheduling, we work hard to make sure you never have to think about mosquitoes again.

The unit is typically installed on the side of your home by a power source, most commonly near the A/C unit.

While the mosquito population is significantly reduced in the winter months, here in Houston, they never really go away. So, it is beneficial to keep your system running to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. 

Additionally, the system is designed to be misting several times each day. If your system hasn’t been operational for an extended period of time, it is possible to experience issues, such as:

  • Clogged nozzles
  • Stagnant chemical
  • Weak pump

We recommend running the system on lower settings, instead of turning the unit off.

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