When is the best time to treat for mosquitoes?

Mosquito misting systems offer an effective way to keep mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor living space, but timing is essential for seeing the best results. To maximize efficacy and safety, it’s best to run the system when mosquitoes are most active, but while people and pets are not. This ensures you’re getting rid of as many mosquitoes as possible without sacrificing comfort or safety.

Treat when mosquitoes are most active

For the most effective treatment it is important to know when adult mosquitoes are most active, which is at dawn and dusk. We suggest setting your spray times for early morning and just before sunset. We typically set our automated misting system at 6am and 8pm during the spring and summer months. With No More Mosquito automated misting systems, you  can easily adjust the spray times according to your lifestyle.

Having a late family dinner out on the patio? No problem, we can easily adjust the system to spray a few minutes earlier.

Don't forget, you can always hit the remote for a little boost if you're seeing some uninvited guests trying to crash your party.
Don’t forget, you can always hit the remote for a little boost if you’re seeing some uninvited guests trying to crash your party.

How to protect people and pets from unwanted effects 

To reduce exposure to the insecticide while using a mosquito misting system, we recommended it operates when people and pets are indoors. According to the EPA, “Most of these pesticides last only short periods in the environment, so long-term exposure to humans is not expected.” 

Although mosquito misting systems pose minimal risk to people, pets, and plants, it’s wise to take proper precautions, as you would with any chemical. 

  • Be aware of your spray times and keep the kiddos and pets inside when the system is spraying. 
  • Do not allow the chemical to get on any food.  
  • Call us immediately if you see any leaks in the system.

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